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Private, personalised occupational therapy for children

We have no waiting list, no fixed therapy plans or durations. We're here to help.
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Pencil Control and Letter Formation

+ Messy, difficult to read handwriting?
+ Tired / painful hand from writing?
+ Struggling to keep up in class?
+ Difficulty with letter heights/spacing?
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Dyspraxia / DCD

Developmental Coordination Disorder

+ Difficulties with dressing?
+ Eating with fingers?
+ Difficulties with handwriting?
+ Difficulties learning new skills?
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Zips, Buttons, Laces and more

+ Unable to fasten buttons?
+ Unable to fasten zips?
+ Unable to fasten shoe laces?
+ Difficulties getting clothes on / off?
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Cutlery Skills

+ Difficulties using a knife and fork?
+ Using fingers to eat?
+ Holding the cutlery awkwardly?
+ Tearing food?
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