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Does your child have difficulties manipulating objects?

There can be several reasons for your child having difficulties manipulating objects; one of which may relate to their ability to isolate and move their fingers separately from each other.

To find out if this is a difficulty try getting your child to count on their fingers (starting with their hands in a fist position, and then one by one bringing their fingers out). If this is something that is very difficult for your child, they will need to practice doing this in order to develop some of the more difficult manipulation skills (required therapy testosterone human growth hormone hgh for activities such as turning objects in their hand, moving items around their hands and fastening buttons etc).

There are lots of ways to help develop your child’s ability to isolate their finger movements, one of which is by using finger paints and getting them to have a different colour on each of their fingers.

Look out for our fine motor skill packs which will be coming soon. Alternatively register your interest in the packs by completing the ‘contact us’ form, that way we can let you know when they are ready to purchase.

24th February 2011 | Karen | Tips

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