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Training Courses

Training can be organised and delivered upon request, and may be targeted at teachers or other professionals wishing to increase their knowledge / understanding about a particular subjects / skill.

Training courses offered by Kids Occupational Therapy are as follows:

Handwriting – This course is aimed primarily at teachers. It will teach you how to complete a basic handwriting assessment, knowing what to look for and give ideas of practical strategies / interventions to try when faced with a child with messy handwriting.

Pre-requisite Skills for Handwriting – This course is aimed primarily at nursery and reception teachers. It will teach you about the pre-requisite skills for handwriting / pencil control and how to develop these skills within the confines of the classroom, using much of the equipment already available to you.

Developmental Co-ordination Disorders – This course is aimed at teachers and other professionals working with children who may have co-ordination difficulties.

The course will teach you what a co-ordination disorder actually is and the impact that this can have on a child on a day to day basis. We will teach you what to look out for and where to go for assistance in determining whether a child in your class does indeed have these difficulties (whether it is referral to a local NHS service or through private Occupational Therapy Services).

Approximately 1 in 30 children have a co-ordination disorder – therefore it is likely that there will be at least one child in each classroom who is experiencing these difficulties.


If you are interested in any training mentioned on this page, or even something that has not been mentioned, please use the ‘contact us’ facility to the right of the page.

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