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Once you have completed the ‘contact us’ form, a therapist will be in touch to establish what the main difficulties are and if appropriate, to arrange a time to complete the initial consultation.

Initial Consultation – free

This is designed to see if we are the right people to help and if so, what you are hoping to achieve from using Kids O.T. The consultation will provide you with an opportunity to discuss the difficulties that your child is experiencing and allows the therapist to gain a detailed developmental and medical history. From the information gained during this session, it will be possible to work out the type of assessment required, and how much this will cost.

Costings will need to be worked out following the initial interview and will then be forwarded to you prior to you committing to any intervention. There is no obligation to proceed with Kids O.T following the initial interview.

Comprehensive Assessment

The level of assessment required will depend on your child’s specific difficulties. This generally ranges from 1 – 2 sessions depending on the type of difficulty and level of attention that your child has. At times, other assessments may be advised based on clinical observations made during our intervention. This will be discussed / agreed prior to any further assessment being undertaken as there would be a cost implication on the completion of further assessment.

A range of standardised and  / or informal assessment tools will be chosen depending on your child’s age, ability level and specific difficulties, and the assessment can take place at nursery / school, home or another agreed venue. If additional costs are incurred for the hiring of rooms, this cost will be passed on to you with the final bill.

Following the completion of a thorough assessment, a report will be compiled detailing the assessments used and outcome of these assessments. Any relevant practical advice / recommendations will be included within the report. You will receive three copies of the report. You will also receive verbal feedback detailing the findings of the assessment.

The price that you are given is based upon the estimated time for assessment, preparation and scoring of assessments and use of standardised assessments. It also encompasses estimated time to be taken writing reports.

Additional Costs

  • Home and School Programmes – Programmes can be designed to work on any presenting difficulties identified within the assessment. These may be activities, exercises or a range of strategies to assist your child.
  • One-To-One Therapy – If you decide that your child would benefit from a block of one-to-one therapy, this can be provided within school / nursery / home / an agreed setting, and will be designed to meet your child’s specific needs. This will also include homework activities as, with the majority of difficulties practice is the key to success; whilst an Occupational Therapist can guide you on what to work on and how to go about this, without regular practice your child may not make the desired level of progress.
  • School / Professional Meetings – We would be happy to attend any school / professional meetings to provide information on our involvement / assessment outcomes.
  • Travel Time – We are happy to travel up to 10 miles each way free of charge, however any additional milage will be charged according to the length of time spent driving (to the nearest 15 minutes).

Whilst most intervention would require an assessment and report and therefore follow the pricing guide above, not all difficulties require this (i.e. a difficulty using a knife and fork may simply take one session and some specialist cutlery and therefore would only be charged according to that). Please contact us should you require more information on pricing.

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