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Why is Handwriting important?

As children we need to be able to write to demonstrate thinking, understanding and academic development. Knowledge is tested throughout the school life through handwritten examinations and coursework, and although use of the computer is becoming more common place within schools and for homework, important examinations do still take the form of the written word. Unfortunately the value of handwriting doesn’t stop there; we also require handwriting skills throughout life whether we decide to have a practical job or one which requires us to take handwritten notes / messages on a regular basis. In everyday life we are required to fill in forms. The inability to write legibly can have a detrimental effect on self esteem as well as academic success and therefore is something that we should spend time perfecting.

Handwriting Skills - Wide

Handwriting difficulties may develop for many different reasons; some are easily corrected, others require much more time and practice to overcome . Whilst some children may benefit from one to one therapy to develop these skills it is recognised that this may cost a lot of money, and with one session a week, it may take a very long time to rectify some of the more complex or ingrained difficulties.

Therefore, following an assessment to establish the specific areas of difficulty, we offer a range of solutions to help your child in overcoming the daily difficulties of handwriting.

Therapy plans are tailored to both yours and your child’s specific needs. Contact us  for more information / your free initial consultation.

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